Friday, January 21, 2011

Summary for the week- New quilts, crochet, and vintage

These are the new things in the shop this week- see them all at
A beautiful baby quilt, 2 crochet blankets, and 3 fun vintage items- a necktie, doilies, and a ladies' hanky. Enjoy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New this week!

Two new items listed in my shop this week- visit the shop for all the details. I've got a whole pile more to list, a lot of vintage and a few handmade. I've mostly spent this week working on photographing the new stuff and organizing my new working area, so next week I will be editing and listing things as fast as I can!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Quick Update

Dracu Domo accompanied us on our long and tough drive to our new home on Halloween, but we finally arrived in Cambridge, where I spent one beautiful fall day exploring before jetting off to Peru!

I spent nearly a month in Peru, starting with workshops and a conference called Tinkuy de Tejadores- a gathering of weavers from various communities in the Peruvian highlands, other countries in South and Central America, Americans, Canadians, and a few Europeans. I got to learn the basics of backstrap loom weaving- something I've wanted to try for a long time! I'm completely hooked, and now have several projects going. I also got to learn about Andean spinning techniques- they use a very different drafting technique from European drop spindling. I'm not very good at that yet, but I can already see how much faster and more efficient it is. After the Tinkuy, I explored Peru with my mom as guide (she's an archaeologist who specializes in Peru) I started with Cuzco, then Machu Picchu, and then we headed to Puno, on Lake Titicaca, where we had quite the adventure due to protesters blocking the road! This forced a change in plans, and we headed earlier than planned to Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, and then on to the coast- Nazca, Ica, Paracas, and Lima. The whole trip was incredible- Peru has wonderful food, people, and culture. One of the most wonderful places I've ever been!

Photos- the first one is Dracu Domo from our road trip, the second is the view from our back door before I left for Peru. Next is me, trying backstrap loom weaving on a belt, then Machu Picchu. To the left is a view of an Apu (sacred mountain) with the moon from Colca canyon. On the right are sea lions at the Islas Ballestas off the Peruvian coast (they are so cute!) Below right is Lagunillas bay in the Paracas Reserve, and below left is sunset over Huacachina, an oasis in the desert near Ica, once a ritzy resort, now a bit of a tourist trap, but beautiful nonetheless. I'll get to the final 2 photos shortly.

I came back from Peru to spend 2 more weeks in my new home, meeting people and moving in, before I returned to Colorado to visit friends and family over the holidays. I had a great trip, and came home with several of my grandmother's beautiful quilts, which really are spectacularly beautiful! She is a true inspiration.

 Shortly after my return, Ryan and I celebrated New Years eve by running around Boston for First Night- we saw the Science museum, ice sculptures, comedy improv, Boston ballet performing the Nutcracker, and wrapped up with a fireworks cruise in the harbor- and the best part? Ryan finished off a perfect end to a good year by asking me to marry him at 11 minutes into 1-1-11! Of course I said yes, and the photo is of us in front of the cruise boat.

One final tidbit- here is a (mediocre) photo of one of my latest bursts of creativity- a Andy Warhol tribute. This one's not for sale, its just for me!

I'm glad to be back to working and finally settled in, I have a bunch of things ready to get listed on etsy as soon as I get them photographed and organized. This will be an exciting year, exploring a new home, building my business, and planning a wedding!