Monday, May 23, 2011

May is turning into Sale month

I've been so busy prepping samples, patterns, and info for the classes I'm teaching in June, that I haven't had time to get many new things on Etsy. As a result, May is turning into a sale month, as I try to clear out some of the older postings. You can view all of these sale items at Most of them will expire in early to mid June, so get them while you can!

40% off:

20% off:

25% off: 

Thursday, May 19, 2011


The June schedule is set at Sheep Skate! I'll be teaching Cables and Backstrap Loom weaving- and Eileen offers lots of other great classes too. Call or email her to sign up for classes- info at the link above or on the "Classes" tab here on my site.

I'm also offering private knitting lessons- anything from first time knitters to advanced techniques, project help, and pattern reading. I can offer lessons at Sheep Skate in Dedham, or in Cambridge. Email me at for info or to set something up.

I'll post better photos of the woven belt as soon as I can, my camera is broken so I had to take this on my phone.

  • Cables with Jen- will explore different cable techniques each week.  $80.00 plus supplies for 4 classes
Cables add beautiful texture and visual complexity to your knitting.  Learn the technique and explore some of its variations while making wearable scarf. Begin with simple cables and work your way up- by the end of the class you'll be able to take on any Aran or cable project!

  • Back Strap Weaving � No special tools needed.  4 hour class, including supplies $50.00 
The Sky is the limit with Back Strap Loom. The basic weaving skills can be applied to any kind of loom, and you can make just about anything with a back strap loom. In the class, you'll make a belt using 9 different patterns, and learn the basics of weaving in the same way Peruvian children have learned for hundreds of years. In addition, weaving on a backstrap loom doesn't require any special equipment!

I'm adding a better photo of the belt motifs! You'll learn all of these and be able to design your own!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Franklin Habit

Last Friday, Franklin came to the Common Cod Fiber Guild...

He was hilarious.

And brilliant.


How much fun? Ryan, the non knitter, laughed frequently and enjoyed himself immensely. So much so that he wants to buy It Itches and see more of Franklin's cartoons!

The stories, oh, the stories- "So I said to the angry baby's mother, I'd like to put a set of reins on your child"...

Those reins, btw, are pictured on Ryan, they're a little small, but otherwise would be perfect for keeping track of him...

What a great evening! I'm inspired and fascinated by historical knitting all over again. Thanks, Franklin.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Project Updates, Sale Stuff

I finished the sample and pattern for the cable class I'm teaching at Sheepskate, contact Eileen to sign up! Isn't it purty? I really love the way the cables morph.

I also gave Mango, now named Neil, to my niece Kriselle last weekend! She is just so adorable, and its so cute that Neil is bigger than she is! I hope he will be loved to pieces by her.

And lastly, I've got a whole bunch of stuff on sale in the shop just for the rest of May! Its all 20% off- enjoy!