Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ignite Craft & Fiber Camp

Last weekend was the Common Cod Fiber Guild's Ignite Craft event. It was a fun evening full of presentations on everything from the many uses of egg cartons to honeybee genetics and lots about fiber- all presentations were 5 minutes long and supported by automatically changing slides. Here is Lucy Lee, owner of Mind's Eye Yarns, talking about her other passion- perfect pie. There's also a photo of the group snacking and mingling at intermission, and a photo of one of the wildest and most creative fiber uses I've ever seen! Before Ignite, I got a chance to check out the rooms the guild will be using for Fiber Camp this year (2nd weekend of March)- last year this was an incredibly inspiration event- (my posts from Sat and Sun) and this year's space is MUCH better- I can't wait! Right now there's a discounted early bird rate, so sign up and come to Fiber Camp!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vintage Knitting & Needlefelt Fiber
I'm finally doing another shop update! I've added lots of new needlefelting fiber- both in kits that include several colors, and in create your own packages where you can choose from 50 colors! Many times when needlefelting scenes, animals, or other details, you'll need small amounts of colors- so these kits are the perfect way to get small amounts of the colors you need at a reasonable price!
I've also listed a LOT of vintage knitting & crochet books and patterns! Children's clothing, adult sweaters (including many men's sweaters), coats, ponchos, a dress, and hand puppets.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Startitis is catching!

I caught a wicked case of startitis last week after I organized all my tools and needles (always a dangerous thing to do) So I started a whole bunch of new projects.

I started a pair of simple ribbed legwarmers- I've been wanting these since last winter, both for dance, and for wearing outside when its cold and I need to dress up- easy to pull off over my shoes and stuff in a pocket when I arrive wherever I'm going!

I also started the Tulip dress for my niece for her first birthday, its a wrap dress, which is perfect because it means she'll be able to wear it as she grows for quite awhile. I'm doing it in cotton, so it should be a nice comfy dress for the summer (her birthday is in May).

I finally started one of the cross stitch projects I got the supplies for in Rhode Island almost a year ago, and I was instantly reminded of how addictive cross stitch can be.

Lastly, I started (finally) the practice belt that was pre-warped for me at the Tinkuy in Peru. Its been sitting around because its not a project I'm enormously excited about, but I figure I can use the practice and I should either make it, or get rid of it and make room for something else!

I haven't JUST been working on new projects- I've been making progress on some, and I'm hoping to revisit some that have been hibernating.

I've finally done a bit more spinning, and I'm hoping to keep that up this year. Last year I hardly spun at all, which is a shame because I have soooo much yummy fiber just waiting in the closet! I'm making progress on my 100% bison yarn right now.

I've completed a few more yodas, and I'm almost done *yay* there's only so many times I can make the exact same thing before I get a little bored!

Due to the holiday knitting and then the startitis, I haven't really been working on hexipuffs, so there's only 3 new ones.

I have been working on my train socks a lot though, they've been my take along project lately. I decided to add some simple cables and eyelets to the top of the foot to make them more interesting.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Most of my New Year's resolutions are very mundane:

Floss my teeth everyday
Eat my vegetables
Workout 2-3x a week and stretch every day
Sleep 8 hours every night

And, like most mundane New Year's resolutions, I've already slipped on every single one of them. (Not that I've given up!)

Far more interesting are crafty resolutions! I resolve to complete the following this year:
1. a cross stitch project
2. my 2 in progress weaving projects
3. at least 2 spinning projects
4. A Double-Knit project. Probably one from Extreme Double Knitting. (because why start off easy?)
5. A Brioche stitch project. Probably from Knitting Brioche.
6. A project involving beads. Possibly these gloves.
7. I will steek something. Possibly just a swatch.
8. A project using mosaic knitting.
9. At least 2 of my sewing projects
10. I will catch up my scrapbooks.

I'm looking forward to exploring some of these techniques that I know little about! And I realize, I'm hopelessly over committed, especially since I have lots of things I want to work on that fit into none of those categories, and lots of design projects that I want to work on, but its good to have goals!