Thursday, January 5, 2012


Most of my New Year's resolutions are very mundane:

Floss my teeth everyday
Eat my vegetables
Workout 2-3x a week and stretch every day
Sleep 8 hours every night

And, like most mundane New Year's resolutions, I've already slipped on every single one of them. (Not that I've given up!)

Far more interesting are crafty resolutions! I resolve to complete the following this year:
1. a cross stitch project
2. my 2 in progress weaving projects
3. at least 2 spinning projects
4. A Double-Knit project. Probably one from Extreme Double Knitting. (because why start off easy?)
5. A Brioche stitch project. Probably from Knitting Brioche.
6. A project involving beads. Possibly these gloves.
7. I will steek something. Possibly just a swatch.
8. A project using mosaic knitting.
9. At least 2 of my sewing projects
10. I will catch up my scrapbooks.

I'm looking forward to exploring some of these techniques that I know little about! And I realize, I'm hopelessly over committed, especially since I have lots of things I want to work on that fit into none of those categories, and lots of design projects that I want to work on, but its good to have goals!

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