Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

I'm taking stock in preparation for the Ravellenic Games- 2 projects recently finished: R2D2 and a gorgeous shawl! I love love love the way the shawl turned out!

That leaves me with 8 WIPS currently: 2 weaving, 1 cross stitch, 2 socks, a vest, a scarf, and my hexipuffs. I decided to stick with WIPS wrestling as my sole event for these games, because we are moving in August, so if I can finish off some things, I can replace them with brand new projects to fill the in-between time when the yarn stash is packed up.

Realistically, they aren't all going to get finished! For one thing, the hexipuffs are a never ending project, so they are just hopeless. For another, I'll be doing a lot of my WIP wrestling in cars during my wedding trip, and weaving doesn't really work in that context. The scarf and cross stitch are also pretty slow going, and still near the beginning. So that leaves me with 3 projects I hope to finish during the Olympics!

For knitting at home before and after the trip, my penguin vest, which I still love despite not having touched in ages. Its a bit bulky to bring with me travelling, but its perfect for knitting on the couch and watching the events.

For mindless purse knitting, perfect for travel and for working on while listening to relatives talk, Ryan's socks. Nearing completion, and perhaps done in time to be a wedding present! Ooh, maybe he'll even wear them to the wedding! That would be fun.

For travel knitting when I can focus on my work, the entrelac socks. One sock is about 1/3 done, the other is only at the toe. It would be great to finish these too and leave me with 3 more empty project bags!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Changes and Discounts

After a lot of soul searching and reflection, I have decided to refocus my efforts on pattern design, and for that reason I will be closing down other aspects of Knitolution at the end of August. More of my stock and supplies will be posted soon as I clear things out, but please enjoy 10% off your purchases with code BLOG10! Thank you.

Crocheting, and Crocheting

I'm so tired of making amigurimi! Fortunately, I'm also very closed to finished. In the last month I've finished Chewbaccas, Vaders, and Zoidbergs.

Also for the wedding, I busted out a kippah to give Ian for marrying us, and a pair of corsage cuffs knit with wire for our mothers.

Now that I'm finally really really close to being done with wedding crocheting and knitting, I'm trying to bust out birthday gifts for my parents in time to wrestle some serious WIPS when the Olympics start! I'm hoping to finish Ryan's socks, my entrelac socks, and make some serious progress (finally) on my penguin vest.