Jen is a knitter, weaver, spinner, dyer and all around fiber enthusiast. She originally picked up knitting in college as a way to stave off boredom, but was quickly hooked and now is rarely far from a project (or ten). She embraces the unique and unusual in fiber and in life. She's fascinated by texture, construction. and drape. Jen loves teaching because she just can't help sharing her passion and enthusiasm for the crafts that have given her so much joy. Sign up for any of my classes at Sheepskate by calling 781-320-9276.

MARCH 2012
For the spring, I will be offering a regular drop in knitting night at Sheepskate. Every Wednesday from 7-9, you can drop in at Sheepskate for $20. Bring what you're working on and get help fixing mistakes, reading a pattern, finishing, or any other questions you have. Ready to start a new project and need help planning it or want to learn a new skill? Bring your ideas, scrap yarn, and needles! 

Eileen offers a number of other classes as well, please visit her website to see the rest of her options! All classes are pre-registration and pre-pay. Refunds will be given if classes are cancelled due to low participation. Each class has a minimum of 3 and max of 8. Please register as early as possible so that we can prepare for each student. Call 781-320-9276 or email to register.

I also offer private lessons, both at Sheep Skate in Dedham, and in Cambridge. Please email me if you want to set something up!

Other Classes I teach- you can request these classes if you are interested!

Dyeing with Koolaid- Dye your own skein of superwash sock or worsted weight yarn in a rainbow of brilliant colors using Koolaid! You'll lean how to dye yarn without harmful chemicals or a big mess- and you'll keep your skein to make something completely unique with! Class is $35 plus yarn to dye.

Loofah Gift Knit- Want a quick gift for everyone on your list this year? Make a circular washcloth with a scalloped edge using cotton yarn. If you prefer a loofah, you can cinch the circle closed around a bar of soap. Pair this with a bar of fancy soap for a quick gift that will give the most luxurious shower experience! Class is $20 plus materials.

Hexipuff Madness- Have you seen the Beekeeper's quilt? It's taking ravelry by storm, and it's a brilliant way to use up little bits of leftover yarn, have a quick and easy take-along project, and end up with a gorgeous puffy knitted quilt! Learn how to make these fun and addictive 'puffs in this class. Class is $20 plus yarn- bring your own scraps, or buy our $25 kit that includes the pattern and 10 mini skeins.

Drop Spindle Spinning- Have you ever wanted to spin your own yarn without purchasing all the expensive equipment? Here it is. $20 for the class plus $20 for supplies- drop spindle and 4oz Shetland wool (or you can provide your own). You will go home with a great skill and an original skein of yarn! We will begin with staple length, drafting, spinning with the spindle supported, and gradually put it all together. While you practice, we'll talk about technique and different types of preparation. We'll also talk about different sheep breeds and other types of fiber. Near the end of class, you'll turn your spun yarn into a 2ply skein. After you finish plying, you will wash your skein and take it home! If you have some spinning experience on a wheel or drop spindle, you're welcome to come and improve your skills with tips and tricks.

Cable Scarf- Want to learn how to do all those fancy Aran cables? Fear not, this class will take you gradually from simple cables on up until you're ready to take on the most complex designs. In the process you'll make a unique and intricate scarf, which is a perfect holiday gift!

2-at-a-time, Toe Up Socks, with Short Row Heels- Learn to knit socks the easiest way- without a pattern! You'll learn the formula for making perfectly fitting socks, a great take-along project. Knitting them 2 at a time means no second sock syndrome, toe up means they are easy to try on as you go, and the short row heel is easy and looks great. You'll be a sock pro in no time!

Backstrap Loom Weaving- Learn to weave the way Andean people have for millenia! This method requires no large looms and no special equipment, yet you can make beautiful and intricate patterns. Backstrap loom weaving is easy to learn in just one day.

A Series of classes all about brushing up and improving the skills you already have to improve all of your knitting!
Measure to Fit
Learn how to measure yourself correctly, and then how to use those measurements and your gauge to make your knitting fit perfectly- whether its a sweater, a hat, mittens, or anything else.
Short Row Shaping
Give clothing that extra perfect fit with short rows- make the back of a collar stand a little higher than the front, or the seat of a sweater a little longer than the front, with this simple technique.
Finishing Skills
Learn to finish your knitting with a professional touch- sew neat and invisible seams, weave your ends in invisibly and securely, and block perfectly.
Anatomy of a Stitch
Get the hang of "reading" your knitting, and learn to recognize and fix many common mistakes including dropped stitches.

A Series of classes that are introductions to a variety of techniques and skills to take your knitting in new directions.
Textured Stitches
Learn about stitches made up of knits and purls- Such as ribbing, seed stitch, and basketweave.
Get an introduction to cabled stitches- learn how they work, and get suggestions to start a cable project.
Demystify lace knitting by working with worsted weight yarn and big needles, and learn how lace knitting works so that you can translate your new skill into a project.
Do you love the colorful patterns of Norwegian sweaters? Learn about Fair Isle and Intarsia colorwork techniques and you'll be ready to tackle your own colorwork project.
Double Knitting
Learn to make reversible, double thick, colorful fabric that is perfect for scarves, hats, bags, and more.
this dimensional basketweave pattern is fun to knit, interesting to look at, and is a great way to use hand painted yarns!

Kid's Classes

Learn the basic needlepoint stitch and make fun colorful patterns of your own design! Complete a bookmark or an ornament.

Duck Tape
There's more to duck tape than taping things! Learn how to work with this material and make a cool & colorful wallet or belt!