Monday, May 21, 2012

Dyeing and Knitting

I've been hitting the dye pots again now that its warm enough to leave windows open and properly ventilate my dye space! Two new colorways of Shirley have hit the shop in the last week, Andromeda and Keukenhof.

Meanwhile, I've been knitting on all the deadline knitting like crazy! Its been successful though, as I now have two half finished blankets and several more Wall-Es to show for it!

The Wall-Es are up to 4.5 and have been holding conference on my living room floor today. This is one of the more complicated amigurumi I've made, and therefore takes a little longer than the others. (the veil is also coming along but there wasn't an obvious enough difference so I decided not to post a new photo)

Blanket #1, the wedding blanket, is HUGE and is half done, which is fortunate since the wedding is (eek!) less than 2 weeks away! I really hope I manage to finish it in time!

Blanket #2, the baby blanket, is significantly smaller, but also due in less than 2 weeks, so I'm chugging along hoping to somehow finish both. I love how the biohazard symbol is coming out, and I love the afghan stitch. This blanket makes me giggle every time I pick it up (baby... biohazard... snorgle!) so I've decided to write it up when I'm done for all the other unconventional parents out there who want to get a chuckle out of their baby preparation.

Between deadline knitting, when I've had a chance for mindless relaxation knitting I've gotten a couple more hexipuffs done.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shop Update

Some of the things currently in my etsy shop: Especially Viva la Knitolution tshirts, perfect to show your knitter pride during the summer! They also make great gifts. Available in several colors and sizes, and I do take custom orders for different sizes, colors, and to print other things like bags. Lots of other stock- including spinning fiber, yarn, and handspun!