Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scratching the Itch

Its been hard to do much knitting these past 6 weeks. Leaving Boston that quickly was so chaotic and fast paced that there was literally no time to knit, and then on the long drive from MA to FL, I thought I would get a ton of knitting done- normally, I love knitting in the car! But I was so worn out from the previous weeks, that all I could do was sit and stare out the window. The first 2 weeks in Florida were fast paced again- so many things to set up, build, and unpack. Finally, this week, I've had some solid knitting time. And now I'm feeling the itch again, and having to employ all of my willpower to keep from ignoring everything else and knit, all the time.

I think during the chaos of moving, I put knitting out of my mind, forced myself not to think about it because so much needed my attention. So as soon as I let myself pick up the needles again... all of those 6 weeks of not knitting came flooding back. All at once. Hopefully there will be a lot of knitting in my near future!

Here is a project update:

My Pucker Up Hat- that I really thought I was going to knit on the drive to Florida, and didn't. And then did knit in the span of 2 days this week, because I couldn't stop! Pattern coming very soon to ravelry and Knit Picks!

Entrelac Socks- this progress is mostly from the ravellenics, but I'm just now posting a photo. Both socks are now past the heel, and so should be quick knitting from here on. I also got my penguin vest re-started during the ravellenics, and (hopefully) successfully on its way (this time) but I didn't get a photo.

Cross stitch- also from the ravellenics, some good progress on my big cross stitch project at the moment.

And finally, 2 more hexipuffs, from some time waiting around when I finally remembered that it was in my purse!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Settling In!

The last 6 weeks have been crazy, but also very exciting. First, there was the chaos of last minute wedding planning, the week in Yellowstone, the wedding itself, and then immediately after we got home, we had to start packing! Ryan is now working for Space Florida, and so after a whirlwind move, we're starting to settle into our new Florida home. I'm working on two new patterns for Knit Picks to be released soon, and everything left in my etsy shop is still available for sale.