Sunday, January 8, 2012

Startitis is catching!

I caught a wicked case of startitis last week after I organized all my tools and needles (always a dangerous thing to do) So I started a whole bunch of new projects.

I started a pair of simple ribbed legwarmers- I've been wanting these since last winter, both for dance, and for wearing outside when its cold and I need to dress up- easy to pull off over my shoes and stuff in a pocket when I arrive wherever I'm going!

I also started the Tulip dress for my niece for her first birthday, its a wrap dress, which is perfect because it means she'll be able to wear it as she grows for quite awhile. I'm doing it in cotton, so it should be a nice comfy dress for the summer (her birthday is in May).

I finally started one of the cross stitch projects I got the supplies for in Rhode Island almost a year ago, and I was instantly reminded of how addictive cross stitch can be.

Lastly, I started (finally) the practice belt that was pre-warped for me at the Tinkuy in Peru. Its been sitting around because its not a project I'm enormously excited about, but I figure I can use the practice and I should either make it, or get rid of it and make room for something else!

I haven't JUST been working on new projects- I've been making progress on some, and I'm hoping to revisit some that have been hibernating.

I've finally done a bit more spinning, and I'm hoping to keep that up this year. Last year I hardly spun at all, which is a shame because I have soooo much yummy fiber just waiting in the closet! I'm making progress on my 100% bison yarn right now.

I've completed a few more yodas, and I'm almost done *yay* there's only so many times I can make the exact same thing before I get a little bored!

Due to the holiday knitting and then the startitis, I haven't really been working on hexipuffs, so there's only 3 new ones.

I have been working on my train socks a lot though, they've been my take along project lately. I decided to add some simple cables and eyelets to the top of the foot to make them more interesting.

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