Friday, March 4, 2011

Project Update

In the last few weeks, I've only really made progress on one of the WIPs I discussed in the last post... I've got one of the flame gloves completely finished! They look a little baggy on me, because they are sized for a man's hands- but I like how they turned out. Just 5 more fingers to go...

I also got a photo finally of one of my backstrap loom projects- this one is tubular weaving.
I got started on knitting my wedding veil- here's a photo of the swatch. I'm so excited about this pattern! It will be delicate and beautiful, without being "old" or cliched. I'm using the Rona Lace Shawl pattern from Knit Picks, but I'm using a much finer yarn and tinier needle (#1... I think the smallest needles I've ever used!) The yummy yummy yarn is silk and cashmere. You can sort of see the fuzzy in the photo!

I started 2 other projects in the last couple weeks- Mango the Giraffe for my soon to arrive future niece or nephew, and a wedding blanket for my cousins-in-law's wedding this summer. Here's a pic of the swatch for the blanket pattern!

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