Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Roundup

Its time for another edition of what's on the needles!

Since the last time we did this, I finished my legwarmers (and started on pointe!) and I love how they turned out. Long, and warm, and colorful. Perfect.

I started the next batch of wedding favors- this one is R2D2! (He's so cute!) and obviously, he still needs another leg.

I started something for my dad too, but since he reads this... that's all you get. No hints, dad.

My veil has grown considerably since the last photo of it, I'm about 2/3 done with the pattern rows now, but as the number of stitches keeps increasing I think I'm actually around halfway done.

Lastly, Kriselle's dress is done the waistband and top, and I've picked up for the skirt. There were some major issues with the pattern for the chest, that slowed me down a lot as I tried to figure out what the designer acutally intended, but I sorted things out and the skirt should be easy and quick.

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