Thursday, November 15, 2012

Braided Socks

Brand new pattern is out today!

Braided Socks
Braided Socks are knit toe up with a cable and eyelet pattern that begins at the toe, and a unique braided cable on the back of the leg beginning at the short row heel. The pattern is only a 4 row repeat, making it easy to follow. The leg is ribbed between the pattern stitches for the best fit.

The instructions are written to allow the knitter to customize the size by fitting at the ball of the foot, the heel, the ankle, and the calf. The smallest sizing would fit a small adult woman, and can comfortably be sized up to a large woman’s foot or medium man’s foot.

Please Note: The pictured sock shows the pattern stitches beginning above the toe, however the pattern is written so that the pattern begins right at the toe, with increases worked into the pattern stitches.


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