Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the Needles

My pile of projects.. none of which seem to be getting particularly close to finishing!

First up, "Penguin Vest"- I'm making this from measurements I took of a sweater I love, I've never made a vest before. First I took the measurements on my body, and ended up having it way too shaped to work at all (and my gauge was all wrong), Then I ripped out again because I realized that in this case, knitting flat and sewing a seam is less of a pain than weaving in 8 ends every round. I'm now on version 3.0, just past the ribbing, and I haven't touched it in 3 months. The photo is from the first iteration.

2nd- Didi's gloves- my current design project, causing me no end of trouble- from gauge to math to lack of colorwork practice. But finally I have the chart worked out (I hope) and am working my way up the hand!

3rd- "Travel Socks"- plain socks being fitted to my feet... my mindless knitting, and therefore moving very slowly.

4th- "Sailor Scarf"- a gift, at whatever is the next appropriate gift giving occasion after its finished, whenever that is! The pattern comes from Barbara Walker's Treasury, and its beautifully textured and eye catching.

Not pictured:

Spinning- still *sigh* working on my bison fiber from last summer's tour de fleece... although not very often!

Weaving- I haven't touched them since Peru, but in theory I'm working on finishing my backstrap belts.

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