Friday, April 29, 2011

Briefly, a travel report, and teaching!

I'm on the road again! After a looong drive, I'm in Florida to see the space shuttle (hopefully) launch tomorrow afternoon. This will be my second launch, but its so incredible to be there live that I don't think this time will be any less exciting.  In the car on the way here, I finished Mango the Giraffe, of which this particular version shall be known as Neil. And yes, that is a space namesake Neil, not a music one.

After the launch a day or two of soaking up sunshine and warm weather, we'll head back North and before going home we'll stop off to meet the new niece or nephew for whom Neil is destined, and along the way we plan to stop at Mammoth Caves and eat some Cincinnati chili.

And when I return, I have exciting news! *Drumroll please* I'll be teaching classes at Sheepskate! I'll be teaching a cable class, a sock class (2 at a time, toe up, with a short row heel), and an intro to backstrap loom weaving, which I'm especially excited about. I'll have more info about the classes when the schedule gets finalized. I'm also going to be available there for private lessons.

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