Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Work, Work, Work

I'm being surprisingly productive today considering that I got up at 6am (and traveled West, so its as if I've been up since 4am local time) for a "vacation".

I intended to knit in the airport waiting for the plane...

...I answered email and piddled on ravelry.

I intended to knit on the 5 hour flight...

...I read an entire dive magazine, did a bunch of editing of stuff for sale in my shop that I've been putting off for ages, re-wrote my sock instructions in preparation for my next sock class in a week, prepared a big batch of photos to upload to facebook, and, this the really shocking bit, managed not to pass out for the entire flight. (And for those of you who took my last sock class, I'll leave extra copies of the revised instructions with Eileen next week- I've expanded on some of the instructions that were confusing before)

I really must be sleep deprived when I'm choosing work over knitting! And not the fun work, the grubby paperwork-buried-on-the-computer work.

I did get to see an interesting perspective on Boston harbor, as we took off in a direction I haven't seen from the air before, and there were lots of sailboats out on the water. I also got to see the finger lakes in New York, and having just recently discovered the region's excellent wines, I was wishing for Scotty to beam me up a few bottles to share with everyone here.

The photo is looking South toward Boston- if you click the photo to see it larger, you can see the cluster of skyscrapers in downtown Boston, with Cambridge just across the Charles River in front and the harbor islands to the left. That big flat featureless patch just left of center is the airport. Now imagine the airport underwater, the Charles twice as wide, and the skyscrapers being on a little bubble barely connected to anything- that's Boston's natural coastline!

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