Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2-at-a-time, Toe up, Short row heel Socks on 2 circular needles

That mouthfull is the latest pattern I've added to my ravelry arsenal! Its the pattern I use for basic socks, usually my take along train/car/bus knitting- no thinking involved (other than remembering to increase when I'm supposed to...)

These socks can also be embellished any way that strikes your fancy- cables, lace, etc, or you can use the pattern as a reference for techniques- how to do a toe up sock, how to knit socks 2 at a time on 2 circulars, how to make a short row heel.

I wrote this pattern because its what I teach in my sock knitting classes, and also because I'd been on a search for such a combination without finding it. The 2 at a time socks were top down, or the short row heel socks were on DPNs, etc. I'd been knitting socks this way for awhile, but its hard to explain to someone who's never knitted socks: Cast on and do the toe using this resource, then use another resource for the heel, still another for the bind off, etc.

If you aren't on ravelry, or don't want to mess with the link above, you can buy the pattern directly here ($0.99)

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