Monday, September 12, 2011

Annie Modesitt or: The Common Cod Strikes Again

Last Friday kicked off a new guild year with the Common Cod Fiber Guild! We have a new board (of which I am the membership chair), a new room (more intimate and with room to spread out projects we're working on!), and a new enthusiasm for the guild programming and new events between our speakers.

Annie Modesitt came to talk to us about No Wrong Way to kick off the season. We started the night by feeding her- "camping" in the Stata Center before the meeting. During the meeting members shared summer knitting wins and woes, we started planning our first between speaker get together- "make your own duct tape dummy". Then Annie started telling her story- and kept us laughing for the next hour! She was a delightful speaker & a joy to hear from. My favorite tidbit was her comparison of the trials and tribulations of knitting a sweater to a marriage- priceless.

After the meeting I got a look at some really spectacular knitted hats she brought- using Millinery wire to keep a wide brim. There was a great photo taken of the guild board wearing these hats, but not on my camera, so stay tuned! Hopefully I can get a copy soon.

I'm excited to see the next evolution of the guild as the season progresses!

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