Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project Update

One new project started, one almost done, and one chugging along slowly but surely-

I cast on my new train knitting last week, a new pair of socks, this one knit from my Mir Sock Yarn in Aurora. I'm using my standard sock pattern, and I may or may not throw in some pattern stitches when I get past the toes. So far I love the way this is knitting up!

My sweater is almost done! After the heartbreak of having to rip the sleeves out completely, I've recovered and now have sleeves, yoke, and part of the hood finished. Just another foot of hood and then some kitchener stitch, and I'll have a warm fuzzy AWESOME sweater in time for winter!

I'm still making progress on knitting my veil, trying to do a row a day as much as possible. Its grown a fair bit since the last time I took a photo, and its onto one circular now which makes it a lot less of a pain than it was with 2! Also, the lighting on my kitchen table when I took the photos today was just spectacular, and it really brings out the texture of the lace in the most satisfying way.

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