Thursday, October 27, 2011


Oh, what a month! You've already seen the launch of 2 new yarn lines, Chubby Bunny and Worsted Wooly, and now finally, here's #3- Shirley. I've been wanting to do this line for awhile now, because Shirley is an homage to one of the greatest artists I've ever known- my grandmother.

She was a spectacular quilter, and her use of color is really mind blowing. I learned so much from her, and now, as I look at photos of her quilts to pick out my colorways for Shirley, I'm paying attention to her work in more detail than ever before, and I'm learning even more. 6 colorways in the shop and counting, each named for the quilt that inspired it, and with a photo of that quilt on the lable.

And the knitters at Knot Hysteria with Stephanie Pearl-McFee will be the very first people to get their hands on it! I just shipping a big box full of Shirley and alpaca fiber for their retreat!

Shirley is a moderately soft yarn, but it has sheen and loft, and makes a wonderful texture in knitting. It also makes excellent hexipuffs- I know, because I knit my very first hexipuff this week as a swatch for Shirley! 

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