Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Worsted Wooly and Chubby Bunny

Lots of new colors posted recently! In Worsted Wooly, Endor: Endor's inspiration is pretty obvious- the lush greens and browns of the forest moon! 

In Chubby Bunny, 3 new colors. First, Keukenhof: Keukenhof colorway is inspired by the riot of colors in Holland's famous tulip gardens, during the spring tulip festivals. This colorway is a complex rainbow, with colors ranging from almost black to bright orange, magenta, and blue and overlapping into many subtle shades.

Undersea: Undersea colorway is inspired by the high contrast and bright colors found when snorkeling in shallow waters on a bright sunny day. The brightness of the yellow, blue, and green makes this a very cheerful yarn.

Earth Day: Earth Day colorway is inspired by the beautiful shades of green blanketing the earth. It ranges from deep navy blues to a range of bright and dark greens and hints of yellow. 

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