Monday, June 18, 2012

The Sound of Slipping

The sound of finished projects slipping to the floor after the last bound off stitch that is! After spending a marathon memorial day weekend knitting 6-8 hours a day, I finished the 2 blankets that had deadlines at the beginning of June. While in Colorado for a friend's (gorgeous!) wedding, I finished my own wedding veil (finally!) and shortly after returning I finished the Wall-Es. In between all of that, I've made some good progress on Ryan's socks in spare moments, and I've started on the Boba Fetts. At least without the blanket deadlines looming over me the amigurimi feel like they are going faster!

The biohazard baby blankie: A chart that I will eventually get converted from paper to electronic form and posted, because, well, I'm pretty pleased with how it came out! The parents were also thrilled, and that's what really matters.

The wedding blanket for the friends who got married in said gorgeous wedding- they love it, and it did indeed come out big enough for both of them to cuddle up under, so I did my job! They loved it so much that they sent photos, during their honeymoon!!, of them cuddled under it in a cabin in the mountains. Also, they took it on their honeymoon! Way to be appreciative knit recipients friends. Rest assured your future babies will have many handknits to wear!

My wedding veil! I know, isn't it gorgeous?!? When I first bound off, there was a little moment where I held it up and went, "seriously?!? THAT'S all the knitting I get for all that work?!?" and even after blocking its still a pretty small shawl, for having worked probably close to 100,000 stitches over the last 18 months! But it really is beautiful, and I got a little weepy when I tried pinning it on with my dress (sorry, none of those photos until after the wedding), and I'm quite proud of it if I do say so myself. I am, however, also swearing off cobweb yarns for the foreseeable future!

Ryan's socks are really coming along, and aren't they just charming? Also, he is a very willing foot model. Always a plus.

The first Boba Fett off the hook! Its adorable, and I love it, but I am really really really tired of crocheting little space toys. I really can't wait to be done with that.

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