Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shame on the USOC, and mini skeins

If you haven't heard, the USOC (US Olympic Committee) has decided to go after Ravelry for the Olympic fan event, the Ravelympics. Read the full cease and desist letter here. The thing knitters are taking issue with (mostly) is not the claim of copyright infringement (which it is, technically) but both that the USOC is wasting time and money attacking a group that is not making any money from their Olympic themed event, but also that the USOC is claiming that knitting is denigrating and offensive to the spirit of the Olympics. I've loved watching the Olympics for my entire life, but if the USOC does not apologize for insulting knitters and our desire to participate in the Olympic spirit, then I will not be watching the Olympics this summer. Want to let the USOC know what you think? Knitter or non-knitter, post on the USOC facebook page in support of knitters engaging in the spirit of the Olympics (and spending many hours knitting while watching the games!)

Meanwhile... I posted 6 different sets of mini skeins on etsy yesterday. Mini skeins are perfect for adding a little bit of color to a project, stripes, or of course, for the Beekeeper's Quilt or any of the other scrap yarn blankets, scarves, etc.

Upadate: The USOC issued this response to the flood of angry comments from knitters. As many others have pointed out, this is a pretty lame attempt at apologizing for what was clearly NOT a form letter but a very personalized, detailed, and demeaning letter. And really, to show YOUR support of ravelry, WE should send you hand knitted stuff? Knitted Olympic themed stuff from those patterns you asked ravelry to remove?

Update again: The USOC updated their apology to be a bit more contrite, and said they would no longer consider legal action against Ravelry. Hooray for the power of knitters! In 48 hours we were put down, responded, and received two apologies from a powerful organization! I am so thrilled and impressed, and I love Ravelry and the community it creates more than ever.

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